Advanced Water Testing Technology (AWTT)

Advanced Water Testing Technology (AWTT)

Advanced Water Testing Technology (AWTT) is an innovative solution designed for efficient viral detection in wastewater. Developed by Ombra and Clarkson University, this cutting-edge technology is ideal for monitoring and managing COVID-19 and other viral outbreaks within sewer networks.




Key Features

  • Ultrafiltration Technology: Integrates advanced ultrafiltration technology into field-ruggedized sampling units, allowing for efficient sample concentration and reducing laboratory analysis time.
  • Accurate Viral Detection: Provides reliable and precise detection of viral particles and mutations in sewer networks, offering critical insights for effective outbreak management.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features a user-friendly interface that ensures accessibility for various users, facilitating informed decision-making across military bases, universities, hospitals, and municipalities.

Its unparalleled reliability and accuracy offer invaluable insights into the fractional rate of positive cases, mutations, and emerging viruses, serving as an essential early warning system for efficient pathogen outbreak management. Training services, additional testing supplies, and custom packaging are available additions for AWTT.