Audio Media Kit (Lite)

Audio Media Kit (Lite)

Audio Media Kit (Lite) is suitable for survival tactical situations and can be used for MISO product development/test and evaluation in the field. The Audio Media Kit (Lite) can also be used for rapid product production for immediate, local area dissemination, or as the basis of a product development workstation in an office, safe house, or hotel/temp lodging. Audio Media Kit (Lite) can be used by both tactical PSYOP forces in the field working with SOF or conventional entities, and teams working with civilian agencies (e.g., Military Information Support Teams) supporting civilian counterparts and US country teams in various embassies or consulates.


Key Features

Audio Media Kit (Lite) is comprised of:

  • Microsoft Surface (1)
  • Portable Printer
  • Camera/Smartphone Microphone
  • Canon Camera
  • Ink

*Audio Media (Lite) components are packaged and delivered in lightweight, ruggedized packaging that can be either checked or carried on commercial aircraft.