Expeditionary MISO Tool Kit (EMTK)

Expeditionary MISO Tool Kit (EMTK)

EMTK is a man-portable, easy-to-train kit for a variety of operator roles in a clandestine package that leverages COTS technologies in austere environments. EMTK allows for a compact, modular, and standard architecture solution that maintains operability with a high-degree of human factors engineering and obfuscation for optimal interoperability without compromising mission objectives. This kit is operable with local, “dirty” power sources and in degraded/no-power situations using power banks and solar cells until standard power is restored.


Key Features

EMTK is comprised of:

  • Two (2) Digital Content Development (DCD) devices (Microsoft Surfaces)
  • Portable color printer (Canon PIXMA)
  • Cellular / internet / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
  • SATCOM Terminal
  • Ethernet / dual-band Wi-Fi router
  • Deployable still and streaming cameras (GoPro, Trailcams, Smartphone)
  • Media reader / writer
  • Podcast / video recording (GoPro, Smartphone)
  • Wi-Fi data puck
  • Light beacon
  • Portable wireless loudspeaker
  • Wireless video projector
  • Power adaption / conversion / storage / recharge with host source or solar

*EMTK components are packaged and delivered in lightweight, ruggedized packaging that can be either checked or carried on commercial aircraft.