LuminUltra Microbial Monitoring

LuminUltra Microbial Monitoring

As a trusted reseller, Ombra places a spotlight on LuminUltra’s cutting-edge technologies, particularly focusing on fuel testing solutions that are vital for various industries, including aviation and marine.


Key Features

LuminUltra’s BugCount® Fuel stands out as a gamechanger for
microbial testing in fuel systems. This user-friendly test kit,
leveraging LuminUltra’s patented 2nd Generation ATP® technology,
enables quick and accurate evaluation of fuels for microbial
contamination. This is crucial for industries facing challenges such
as microbiologically influenced corrosion, filter plugging, and
instrument failures. The product has already proven successful in
both commercial and general aviation applications, meeting industry
standards like ASTM D7687 and IATA Guidance Material on
Microbial Contamination in Aircraft Fuel Tanks.

For real-time continuous microbial monitoring, Ombra recommends
LuminUltra’s BugCount® Guardian. This autonomous system,
integrating the proven 2nd Generation ATP® technology, automates
sample collection, testing, and reporting, providing fast and accurate
assessments of total microbial load. BugCount® Guardian
streamlines data collection, enabling early detection of anomalies in
various industrial applications, such as brewing pasteurization,
cooling tower operations, and hydrofracking.
Ready to revolutionize your fuel testing capabilities? Experience the
future with Ombra and LuminUltra. Schedule a personalized
demonstration now to witness firsthand the power of BugCount®
Fuel and BugCount® Guardian.