Recon Kit

Recon Kit

The Recon Kit will be deployed to a vast range of operational and commercial environments as the DoD and SOF expand their footprint into previously inaccessible areas including but not limited to remote Artic regions. Ombra’s Recon Kit will see and increase operator and user interfacing to develop, build, and integrate, a flexible kit using COTS items which will provide the necessary kit functions while minimizing the SWaP, packaging volume, and complexity of the system so that it’s use is optimized for a dynamic, fast-paced, and unpredictable operational environments.


Key Features

Recon Kit is comprised of:

  • Samsung S22
  • GoPro
  • Trail Camera
  • Camera/Smartphone Microphone
  • V-smart 128 GB 5G WiFi Disk

*Recon Kit components are packaged and delivered in lightweight, ruggedized packaging that can be either checked or carried on commercial aircraft.