Roadrunner Air & Ground Utility Vehicle

Roadrunner Air & Ground Utility Vehicle

Roadrunner Air & Ground Utility Vehicle (AGUV) is dynamic mobility in a single platform for maritime and littoral patrol, surveillance, and interdiction both flying and driving. AGUV is the world’s most capable utility-powered parafoil distinguished by the ability to perform as both a ground and air vehicle with transition to flight in 4 min. Its parafoil wing, off-road suspension, rugged lightweight chassis, and purpose-built design make it capable of executing missions across even the most difficult terrain. It is simple and low cost to operate by non-specialized team members with minimal infrastructure. AGUV is robust and simple to maintain at the operational unit level without delay or process obstructions.


Key Features

AGUV is comprised of:

    • Air and ground mobility to reach more places than jeeps or helicopters
    • Payload capacity of 900+ lbs.
    • Capable of 70+mph ground speed
    • Extremely Short takeoff of 350 ft
    • Potentially Manned/Unmanned (MUM) Platform
    • Low lifecycle cost – production and sustainment
    • Flight endurance over five hours
    • Numerous Mission Configurations
    • Minimal Infrastructure requirements
    • Exceptional Safety
    • Deployment Flexibility: ground, transport aircraft, or ships at sea