Subject Matter Expert Tool (SME)

Subject Matter Expert Tool (SME)

The Subject Matter Expert Tool (SME) represents a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance knowledge sharing and collaboration in various fields. This innovative tool comprises three essential components: a Projector, a GoPro camera, and a GoPro Charger. The integration of these components empowers experts to seamlessly capture, document, and share their expertise with unparalleled efficiency. The Projector serves as a dynamic presentation medium, enabling experts to showcase their insights, data, and findings to a wider audience, whether in a conference room, a lecture hall, or a remote location. The GoPro camera, a versatile and rugged device, captures high-definition video and images, allowing experts to record hands-on demonstrations, experiments, and real-world applications. The inclusion of a GoPro Charger ensures uninterrupted operation, enabling experts to focus on their work without concern for battery life. What sets the SME apart is its lightweight and ruggedized packaging, tailor-made for easy transportation. This packaging is designed to meet the demands of modern travel, adhering to commercial aircraft regulations for both checked and carry-on items. As a result, experts can confidently take their SME toolkit on the go, whether embarking on research expeditions, attending international conferences, or collaborating across diverse locations, thus fostering a culture of knowledge dissemination and advancement across various industries.


Key Features

    SME is comprised of:

  • Projector
  • GoPro
  • GoPro Charger

*SME components are packaged and delivered in lightweight, ruggedized packaging that can be either checked or carried on commercial aircraft.