Subject Matter Expert Tool (SMET)

Subject Matter Expert Tool (SMET)

The Subject Matter Expert Tool (SMET), a breakout kit from IWEK-D, is a state-of-the-art solution designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across various fields. This innovative toolkit integrates advanced technology and essential components to empower experts in capturing, documenting, and disseminating their expertise with unmatched efficiency.



Key Features

Advanced Presentation and Recording Capabilities:
SMET includes a Nebula Capsule 3 Laser Projector and its accompanying case, serving as a dynamic medium for presentations. Whether in a conference room, lecture hall, or remote location, this projector allows experts to showcase insights, data, and findings effectively. Additionally, the GoPro HERO12 Black Camera Bundle, along with a dual battery charger and videography gimbal, captures high-definition video and images, making it ideal for recording hands-on demonstrations and real-world applications.

Enhanced Portability and Durability:
SMET is packaged in a YETI Panga 50 L business carry bag, which is waterproof and designed for rugged use. This lightweight and durable packaging ensures that all components are easy to transport and adhere to commercial aircraft regulations for both checked and carry-on items. This design allows experts to take their toolkit on the go confidently, whether for research expeditions, international conferences, or collaborative projects across diverse locations.

Comprehensive Power and Connectivity Solutions:
To support continuous operation, SMET includes a variety of portable power options such as the Anker SOLIX PS30 mobile solar panel, Anker 747 Power Bank, and Anker 511 PowerHouse portable AC power bank. The toolkit also provides multiple secure data transfer modes with PortaPow USB data blockers and extensive connectivity options through the Anker 563 USB-C Hub (11-in-1) and Anker 332 USB Power Strip.

This extensive kit ensures that operators have the tools needed to capture every crucial moment with precision and clarity, meeting all technical and operational requirements with efficiency. Customization options are available to tailor the kit to specific mission needs. Reach out for a custom-built quote today!