Long Range Precision Aerial Delivery System

Long Range Precision Aerial Delivery System

LRPADS is an autonomous powered parafoil cargo delivery system that reduces risk to aerial resupply operations by enabling significantly greater launch offset from transport aircraft. LRPADS will disrupt an adversary’s ability to counter resupply operations while reducing risk to personnel and expensive fixed-wing platforms. LRPADS is simple, attritable, versatile, heavy-payload capable, long-range, and low signature. The modularity of LRPADS enables the end-user to meet a variety of range, payload, and signature reduction requirements with one system.


Key Features

LRPADS is comprised of:

    • Payload scalability & modularity
    • Deployed from transport aircraft with hundreds-of-miles offset range using standard airdrop procedures – also ground or ship launchable
    • JPADS compatibility using standard airdrop procedures
    • Long-range navigational capability
    • Simple to operate and low-cost
    • Small spotting Factor
    • No infrastructure needed; operates in most austere environments
    • Highly modular with reconfiguration for both kinetic and sensor payloads